Jie Biao Zhui Feng Wan

Jie Biao Zhui Feng Wan

The "Chipanji Zhuifeng Pill" originated from the "Chipanji Pharmacy" in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It is the prescription of Chi Yuechong, a well-known Hakka traditional Chinese doctor. Chi Yuechong once studied under the famous Lingnan doctor Pan Mingxiong in the Qing Dynasty. He was talented and talented since childhood. Researching medical skills, years of practicing medicine and accumulating life's experience to create "Chi Pan Pai Zhui Feng Wan" and other good prescriptions, which were later passed on to his son Chi Zuo Rong. "Chipanji Zhuifeng Pill" has been passed down to this day for its outstanding clinical effects. It has a history of one hundred years. It has been widely used by the common people and doctors. It is also used by people for cold, dampness and sobering. In 2013, he applied for a national invention patent. In 2014, he obtained the invention patent of "An important composition for treating physical weakness and enhancing immunity, and its preparation method and application". In 2017, "Technology and quality of Jie Biao Zhuifeng Pills" "Research" won the second prize of Meizhou Science and Technology Award, and won the title of high-quality products in Guangdong Province for many times. The products are sold well in overseas Chinese regions.

【Ingredients】Cyperus rotundus (prepared), Asarum, Black medicine, Piper longum, Patchouli, Borneol, Bupleurum, Realgar, Nepeta, Amomum villosum, Mint, Clove, Tangerine peel (prepared), Cardamom, Lilac, Licorice, Chuanxiong (made), Trichosanthes, cinnabar, perilla leaves, Gastrodia, Angelica dahurica, sandalwood, Pinellia (made), parsnips.

【Properties】This product is a black-brown water honey pill or a yellow-brown big honey pill; the aroma, taste is slightly bitter and pungent.

【Functions and Indications】Dispelling wind, relieving the surface, strengthening the stomach and strengthening the middle. It is used for physical weakness and wind, dizziness and headache, not thinking about diet, full chest and abdomen, and maternal atmosphere.

【Specifications】Da Mi Pills: Each pill weighs 2.5g, 2.5g/pill×10 pill/box. Water honey pill: 1.6g per bag, 10 bags/box.

【Usage and Dosage】Orally, 1 pill for dami pill and 1.6g for water pill at a time


【Approval Number】National Medicine Standard Z44023003 National Medicine Standard Z44022194

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