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Talking about the status quo and development prospects of Chinese medicine

Talking about the status quo and development prospects of Chinese medicine

  Traditional Chinese medicine is the crystallization of the wisdom of the working people in our country, and the product of fighting against diseases for thousands of years. It will play an irreplaceable role no matter the past, present and future.

  1. Current situation analysis

  1.1 The impact of people's habitual knowledge

  1.1.1 The curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine is too slow: Many people believe that traditional Chinese medicine is mainly used for oral decoction, which needs to be absorbed and metabolized by organs such as the gastrointestinal tract, which often fails to achieve an immediate effect. In addition, the route of traditional Chinese medicine is narrow. Compared with western medicine, it is relatively backward.

  1.1.2 Inconvenience in taking traditional Chinese medicine: traditional medicine is used to treat diseases. Decoctions are often used. However, decoctions are a mixture of various Chinese medicines and use water as a carrier, tortured, and taken separately. In this way, first, the patient needs to be warmed twice when taking it, which is time-consuming and troublesome; second, it is not portable. This is contrary to contemporary high-efficiency lifestyles.

  1.1.3 The taste of Chinese medicine is bitter: Chinese medicine is a collection of many kinds of plants, minerals, animals and their organs and secretions. It is used as medicine and processed by adding a variety of auxiliary materials. The taste can be imagined, and it is very strange. Many patients Unwilling to accept. According to the survey, none of the 50 primary and middle school students are willing to take traditional Chinese medicine, and only a few are willing to take preparations with good taste such as hawthorn granules.

  1.2 The influence of Chinese medicine itself

  1.2.1 Diagnosis and treatment methods are relatively simple: Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of diseases adheres to the four principles of "seeing, hearing and asking". Doctors have mostly subjective judgments and lack the necessary modern scientific and technological means.

  1.2.2 Inertial thinking hinders development: At present, in hospitals of all levels and types, most of the TCM doctors who can have a certain influence on patients have been honed for many years, and have summed up a set of TCM treatment However, to some extent, due to the influence of traditional medicine, he is accustomed to inertial thinking, lacks the sensitivity and cognition of new things and modern high-tech, and the invisibly bound hands and feet slow down Chinese medicine. The pace of progress.

  1.2.3 Difficult employment and lack of successors: People often call TCM doctors "old TCM doctors". As the name suggests, the older TCM doctors are, the more experienced they are, and the higher the level of diagnosis and treatment, the more popular they are in clinical practice. Affected by this traditional habit, some young TCM doctors who have just graduated from colleges and universities are often left in the cold. Today, with the transformation of the hospital's health work system, most hospitals link their personal income to their daily work. In this way, Forcing many young doctors of traditional Chinese medicine to diversify, resulting in a lack of successors in the Chinese medical profession.

  1.3 The impact of Chinese herbal medicines

  1.3.1 Planting: Nowadays, Chinese medicinal materials have been grown from primitive natural wild to large-scale planting. Some main Chinese medicine producing areas use this as a breakthrough point to grasp economic benefits, which is a good thing. However, some individual wild species with low economic benefits are neglected, coupled with the man-made destruction of resources, it is easy to form a surplus of products and a shortage of varieties, which affects the overall advancement of the Chinese medicine industry.

  1.3.2 In terms of mining: In the past, when the medicinal farmers were collecting medicinal herbs, they would go into the mountains regularly for digging. There was a certain mining season and time to ensure the quality of Chinese medicinal materials. Nowadays, driven by economic interests, people do not know the season and time when harvesting medicinal materials very accurately. The phenomenon of "two flowers bloom and wormwood grows into wormwood" is everywhere, and the dosage in ancient prescriptions has not reached the therapeutic effect.

  1.3.3 Processing aspects: The processing method is not standardized: processing is an indispensable process before Chinese medicine is used. Its purpose is to improve the curative effect and reduce or eliminate the toxicity. Such as: cough medicine is more honey-burning, mainly to enhance its effect of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough; stir-fried strychnine is mainly to eliminate the toxicity of strychnose. However, at present, the traditional Chinese medicinal materials on the market are not processed as medicine; the standardized ones are not processed according to the standards. For example, frankincense is not processed and used as medicine; lentils and yam have been fried but they are fried in soil or bran. This is directly related to the quality of traditional Chinese medicine, and more importantly, directly affects the efficacy of clinical medication. The low quality of processing personnel: The low quality of processing personnel is another factor that affects the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. The status quo is: old pharmaceutical workers are gradually retiring, some traditional processing techniques are now gradually lost, and most of the current job personnel are young and middle-aged people without professional technical training, and the processing of Chinese medicine is only regarded as a very simple labor; in addition, The traditional Chinese medicine processing equipment is simple, the working environment is poor, and the treatment is low. These factors affect their enthusiasm for learning and studying processing technology. Improper storage: Improper storage and storage is also one of the reasons for changes in the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. The external factors that affect the quality of Chinese medicine mainly include temperature medical education network | collection, humidity, air, etc.; internal factors are mainly the physical and chemical properties of decoction pieces or excipients. Improper storage and storage, the combination of internal and external factors, will cause qualitative changes. For example, dangshen and jujube seed will grow worms if they are not properly stored in late spring and early summer; achyranthes bidentata and angelica will become oily due to improper storage. Therefore, proper storage conditions should be selected for the storage of traditional Chinese medicines, and they should be kept properly.

  2. Outlook

  2.1 Chinese medicine has a strong resource advantage

  my country has thousands of years of medicinal history and rich resources of Chinese medicine. According to investigations, there are 383 families, 2039 genera, and 11146 species of medicinal plants. Together with those folk prescriptions and secret recipes that have proven curative effects and are widely used, this is the most important part of Chinese medicine. Development provides a strong material foundation.

  2.2 Chinese medicine has its own uniqueness in treating diseases

  Chinese medicine is based on the theory of yin and yang and the five elements, pays more attention to the relationship between man and nature, and has unique concepts and methods of diagnosis and treatment. The old saying goes: "The decoction attacks the inside, and the needle stone attacks the outside, there is no escape from the disease." Nowadays, in the treatment of hepatitis B, hemiplegia, rheumatism and infertility and other difficult and complicated diseases, traditional Chinese medicine has shown an unparalleled great effect.

  2.3 The potential of Chinese medicine is being highlighted

  With the vigorous development of regional economy today, some economically underdeveloped areas, especially those in poverty-stricken areas, are focusing on the traditional Chinese medicine industry when other local resources are scarce. The model of pharmaceutical farmers + base + company is commonplace, and the status of Chinese medicine is gradually increasing. , Which shows that Chinese medicine is showing its potential.

  2.4 Speeding up the modernization of Chinese medicine

  The modernization of traditional Chinese medicine is an inevitable trend of the timely existence of traditional Chinese medicine. It is also to satisfy people's "three effects" of high-efficiency, quick-acting, and long-acting traditional Chinese medicine products; the "three small" doses, low toxicity, and low side effects; easy to store, carry, and take. "Convenient" consumer demand is the only way. At present, biotechnology such as tissue cell culture, medicinal animal and plant genetic engineering, DNA molecular identification of Chinese medicine, and molecular marker breeding of medicinal plants are applied to the development and research of Chinese medicine, which is bound to accelerate the development of Chinese medicine. .

  2.5 New formulations of traditional Chinese medicine show its charm

  The main reason for the slow development of Chinese medicine is that the route of administration is too singular. The new Chinese medicine preparations developed by modern science and technology are effective in anti-virus and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Especially when the dripping pills are taken sublingually, the medicine disintegrates quickly and enters the blood directly without passing through the liver. The effect can be seen in about 1 minute, realizing the perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology. It is reported that in August 2011, at the “2011 China Pharmaceutical Retail Industry Information Conference” held in Sanya, Hainan, Sino-Singapore’s “Quick Action Jiuxin Pills” and Tasly’s “Compound Danshen Dropping Pills” have been used for many years with their fast curative effects. With the safety verification and outstanding market performance, it was listed on the brand list of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history and a long history. Its value has been confirmed by clinical practice. It has been valued by countries in Europe and Asia such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Medicine coexists and develops rapidly and healthily.

We sincerely hope to cooperate sincerely with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry for a win-win situation!

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