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World Traditional Medicine Day

World Traditional Medicine Day

  Every year, October 22nd is World Traditional Medicine Day. This holiday may not attract the attention of young people like Valentine's Day and Christmas, but this holiday reflects the importance of traditional medicine by the world and the country. On December 12, 1991, at the International Traditional Medicine Conference held in Beijing, representatives of 42 countries and regions unanimously decided to set the opening day of the conference as the annual World Traditional Medicine Day, which was included in the "Beijing Declaration."

   As the name suggests, traditional medicine corresponds to modern medicine. It usually refers to the use of medical experience and technology inherited in history, or refers to the medical experience and diagnosis and treatment technology of modern medicine at various historical development stages. The traditional medicine of all countries in the world is a rare and valuable asset in the international medical community.

   With the continuous emergence of toxic and side effects of chemical drugs, the increasing number of drug-induced diseases, and the high cost of biochemical drug development, people have begun to call for returning to nature, hoping to use natural drugs and green plants to treat diseases and health care. Chinese medicine in my country is one of the main representatives of traditional medicine in the world. Traditional Chinese medicine, which has a history of thousands of years, has been widely used in Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and other countries. Western developed countries such as the United States and Europe have gradually begun to attach importance to Chinese medicine.

  In order to prevent the cultural heritage of Chinese medicine from being preemptively declared by other countries, since 2003, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has prepared the application of Chinese medicine for the world cultural heritage and has maintained communication with UNESCO. According to the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the draft of the "Program for the Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the World Cultural Heritage" has been drafted. The first step is to declare the whole of Chinese Medicine as the world's intangible cultural heritage. It is a long process for Chinese medicine to enter the world, but I believe that with our joint efforts, one day Chinese medicine will contribute to the health of people all over the world.

We sincerely hope to cooperate sincerely with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry for a win-win situation!

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